Six years ago, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I was thirteen at the time, and blessed with a mother who had been diagnosed two years before. I was spared much of the horror that comes with gluten-free transitions, inaugurated into a world already full of Gluten-Free Pantry brownies and Pei-Wei GF menus.

Not so with makeup, I’m afraid.

Recently I’ve realized that much of the makeup I have been assured was gluten free is, in fact, not at all gluten-free. (Looking at you, Covergirl.) Suddenly, my ghost stomachaches and constant fatigue made sense.

Then began the quest for gluten-free makeup, and I found it woefully fruitless, to say the least. Much to my dismay, it seemed that I couldn’t get any products without sending away for them! On top of that, they were horribly mean to my non-existent cash supply.

This blog is not a place where I, the makeup genius, tell you all you need to know about makeup. Rather, this is the place where I document the findings in my never-ending search for affordable and convenient gluten-free makeup.

Let the quest begin!


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